«The boomerang principle» by Pavel Verbnyak.

Written by on 08.12.2015

«The boomerang principle» by Pavel Verbnyak.

You get pretty much just smiling at people. When your lips stretch into a smile, the brain releases endorphins, which are natural hormones of happiness. They make you feel good and boost your self-esteem. When you smile, you spread a positive impact around you. The most popular and influential people are mostly those, who smile at others, when meet and greet them.

Every time you smile, you not only make people feel better, but also boost their self-esteem. You start building a healthy relationship. And in order to get it all, you just need to smile at all those, who are around you and to express your sincere pleasure to meet them.

The opposite of a smile is a negative attitude or passivity. Someone is going though the office and gives you an ugly and spiteful look. If this is the manager, the staff quickly capture his spirit. They start working slowly, their creativity decreases. If the head is unfriendly for some period of time, workers start talking about this and worry for their jobs. Even if he is gloomy because he has a toothache, people around him cannot know this. They will assume that they did something wrong and it caused discontent.

Practice. Maintaining a positive attitude

Make a decision to smile at everyone you meet coming to work in the morning. Walk around the office and greet employees, ask how they are doing. Think about them as if they are working for free and their arrival to office is a voluntary decision. Even more: look at them, as if you owe them money, but cannot pay yet, as if their activities are important for your personal success.


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