«Self-improvement and friendship» by Pavel Verbnyak.

Written by on 10.12.2015

«Self-improvement and friendship» by Pavel Verbnyak.

Friends are very important for a happy life, especially those, who share both sorrow and joy with you. Work hard to make friendship (and all relationships) stronger and richer. Call your friends, make gifts that give them pleasure. The law of farm can be applied to interpersonal relations and all aspects of life — you harvest what you plant. Therefore, to have good friends, it is necessary to be a true friend.
Forgive the weaknesses of others. If you look for faults, you will find them. Be mature enough: do not pay attention to the minor shortcomings of others and look for the good things that everyone has. According to Richard Branson: «You can be best friends with someone and still not agree with them and, if you are close, you can get through it and remain friends.»
Remind your friends that you think about them, for example, send birthday cards and write little notes. We all are too busy, but if you spend just 5 minutes per week to send postcards to friends or family members, you will see that this attention will come back to you.
Remember the names of three people, who can inspire you, increase you motivation and support you. Schedule a meeting with each of them during the next few weeks. Listen carefully and reflect with them. Map out a strategy and use their wise advice.
Select five people, with whom you would like to improve relations within six months. Write down their names and note under each of them, what are you planning to achieve and when. This is just another aspect of goal setting, which always gives great results.
Take on the challenge to become a better parent, a better friend and a better citizen. Be creative in what you do to express your appreciation and respect to your loved ones. Think of an unusual and enjoyable time to spend, such as a picnic with a business partner or a fishing trip with an old friend.
Make friends with your neighbors. They will help to diversify your life and are able to assist in the most unexpected situations.
Do not interrupt others. Interrupting speaker is very rude. Listen attentively. You have no idea, how much you know and how many people will begin to seek your advice.
Learn to work in a team. Make new friends. You will be surprised how small courtesies will help you later in life. Treat each person you meet on your way, as if he is the most important. You will have a great success.
Strengthen your new friendships, such relationships are necessary for successful and healthy life. Find a few minutes a day to write a warm wish to your old friend or to call someone you haven’t talked to for a long time. Show your sincere sympathy and care of all your loved ones and watch the results, which will come immediately. Be a good friend. Make it a priority to find new friends, no matter how many of them you have now. This is one of the greatest joys in life, and many people lack it.
Concentrate on other people. Listen to them, and you will know many wonderful things and find new friends.


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