«Remember: to reach the top, you need to start doing something!» by Pavel Verbnyak.

Written by on 21.12.2015

«Remember: to reach the top, you need to start doing something!» by Pavel Verbnyak.

No matter what kind of your project you have, do something for its implementation today. This is the key to success.

Organize your desk drawers. Set your first goal. Listen to motivational programs. Try to implement a reasonable plan to lose weight. Start communicating with one unpleasant customer every day. Write a belated letter. All these small steps anyone can do right now! Even unmotivated person is able to read inspirational books.

Get impetus coming from your new commitment to step forward to a better life. Look, what you need to do to implement your plans. Pull out all the stops! Free yourself from a burden, which pulls you down. Start doing something. Prove to yourself that expectations are over, hope came to life, and faith and action will now manage everything.

It is a new day — the beginning of your special life. Making efforts, you will be amazed at how much progress you are able to achieve. What are you afraid to lose except the guilt and fear of the past?

Now I suggest the task: Check how many tasks you can start and continue doing on the first day of your new life.

As poverty on a global scale and the issues of violence and global warming affect billions of people, they relate to you as well.

Move on! Your desire to move forward towards your goal without any guarantee of success is what distinguishes the winners from the losers.

Be absolutely clear as to the goal and be flexible achieving it. Be willing to change and move forward. Be open and active. Meet obstacles and adjust your course with enthusiasm.

Knowledge without action is an empty phrase. Act without fear of failure, because it is a part of the success and the necessary lesson.

Be consistent. Modest goals lead to inconspicuous life. So try to look beyond the horizon as far as possible, dreaming of more. You need to decide what you want, because it is the only way to achieve desired results.


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