«It’s time to act» by Pavel Verbnyak.

Written by on 20.12.2015

«It’s time to act» by Pavel Verbnyak.

Knowledge fueled by emotion flows into action. Action guarantees results. Only action can cause reaction, and only positive action can cause positive reaction.
The whole world loves to watch those, who run events, and rewards them for pushing it forward.
In the Bible there is a famous saying of the Apostle James, that faith without works is dead, in other words, it is idle, it serves no useful purpose. Rightly said!
Fedor Emelianenko, the famous MMA fighter and the heavyweight world champion, says: «If you do what is easily, you will always be weak.»
The most difficult step becomes surprisingly easy, as soon as we take it. So it is always necessary to remember that in this life everything is possible!
There is nothing wrong with dreams, if they are the instrument, which inspires to take action. Dreams and plans, based on them, can help to achieve great results.
But there is also a fine line between faith and dreams. Dreams without action can lead to self-delusion. They are even worse than self-deception for your well-being.
A man, who dreams of wealth, but gradually comes to business failure, a woman, who cherishes the thought of happiness, but does things that lead her to despair … These are the victim of false hope that dream without action can lead to a desired result. Why is it so? Words soothe like a drug, cultivating complacency in people.


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