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Pavel Verbnyak is a keynote motivational speaker, success expert, and author of two books on the subjects of personal and professional development. Pavel’s latest book is titled Success by Your Own. This book is currently written in Pavel’s native language, Russian, but he is hoping to have an English version out in the future. Pavel sits down with Rick and talks on how anyone, no matter their background, can achieve success.

Key Takeaways:

[3:00] Pavel shares a little bit about himself.

[7:25] How did Pavel change his mind set on being successful?

[10:20] What were Pavel’s first thoughts when he came to the United States?

[14:05] Rick talks on how he met Pavel and his first impressions of him.

[18:10] Pavel talks about his latest book.

[21:35] Schools do not teach this kind of knowledge. You have to learn it on your own or from other people.

[23:25] Take responsibility for the life you live. You’ll be happier because of it.

[24:00] Don’t have time to listen to audio tapes? That’s an excuse.

[28:30] What kind of person do you need to become to live the life of your dreams?

[30:55] Today is your day. Set your intentions today, not tomorrow.

[31:45] What do successful people think about?

[35:35] Anyone can apply the knowledge they’ve learned in this episode. You don’t have to be ‘young’ or ‘rich’.

[38:40] When you stay committed to your dream, there are no limits.

[40:50] No matter your geographical location, you can achieve success.

[44:10] Pavel talks on how Rick has inspired him.

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