«Need for good physical shape» by Pavel Verbnyak.

Written by on 24.11.2015

«Need for good physical shape» by Pavel Verbnyak.


Healthy lifestyle has an extraordinarily positive impact on various aspects of human life: health, the ability to achieve success and the ability to enjoy everything that is happening.

Overflowing vital energy makes others perceive you more positively, because your communication skills and discipline improve significantly. The sense of your own physical, psychological and emotional attractiveness and optimism attract other people.

Benefits of a healthy lifestyle are expressed in several aspects.

The psychological aspect includes:

  • mental health;
  • feeling of well-being;
  • neuropsychological stability;
  • resistance to stress;
  • self-control and determination;
  • dedication and perseverance in achieving goals,
  • self-confidence;
  • low susceptibility to depression.

The functional aspect includes:

  • improving health and immunity;
  • increasing adaptation;
  • increasing efficiency;
  • reducing morbidity and pain;
  • recovering after physical and mental stress;
  • strengthening sexual potency;
  • normalizing weight;
  • improving posture and gait.

Physical self-improvement is a long and purposeful process. It includes a variety of techniques and activities that form the active position of a person in relation to his/her health and physical development.

The process of physical education will not give long-term positive results unless you do it consciously. Only in this case the learned skills become a part of your lifestyle.

It is impossible to form a good shape of your body without willpower. Willpower, in its turn, is strengthening in the process of working on yourself, overcoming obstacles on the way to your goal. Physical development is possible only in unity with moral and intellectual self-improvement.


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